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The menu of fast search BMW X4 M40i: M Performance

  Dynamics is in the details
  • Acceleration of 0-100 km/h in seconds - 4.8
  • The maximum speed in km/h - 250
  • Fuel consumption in l/100 km in the mixed cycle - 9.2
  • CO2 emissions in g/km, in the mixed cycle - 213-209

To achieve maximum results can only be through careful selection of individual parts. Proof of this is the new BMW X4 M40i, which has high power and dynamics, which allows it to cope with any situation with brilliance. Its unique qualities are due primarily to the 6-cylinder gasoline engine M Performance TwinPower Turbo with a power of 360 hp. (265 kW) and a torque of 500 Nm, which is combined with innovative lightweight designs and adaptive suspension M.

BMW X4 M40i


Competitors have never been so difficult to compete with us. After all, the 6-cylinder in-line gasoline engine M Performance TwinPower Turbo thanks to the TwinScroll turbocharger, Valvetronic's stepless control system and the high-precision direct injection high-pressure engine develops 353 hp. (260 kW).

This allows you to achieve a torque of 500 Nm, accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and, above all, even more separation from competitors.

500Nm and Steptronic's 8-speed sports automatic transmission provide impressive acceleration.


Anyone who constantly faces new challenges must be ready for anything. Therefore, the BMW X4 M40i is always in the best shape. The particularly precise sports suspension M and adaptive sports steering provide impeccable handling. The sports brake system M, the all-wheel drive BMW xDrive and the M Sport differential, which are included in the standard equipment, increase the dynamics of the car. It seems to have been specially created in order to set new standards.

Adaptive suspension M

Settings adaptive suspension M can be adjusted at any time, taking into account the characteristics of the roadway. With the help of the mode switch you can choose the preferred mode - from comfortable to supersports with "sharp" and responsive steering.

Adaptive Sports Steering

Adaptive sports steering, including servotronic, makes the steering more responsive and "sharp," but reduces the steering wheel effort when it needs to be turned to a large angle. When the system determines a large angle of rotation of the steering wheel, the gear ratio of the steering gear changes. This improves handling and stability when driving at high speed and reduces the effort on the steering wheel when parking and cornering.

BMW xDrive with a differential M Sport

The intelligent all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive smoothly dynamically redistributes the torque between the front and rear wheels for maximum traction, high dynamics and safety in all driving conditions. To further improve maneuverability, the electronically controlled torque distribution system optimizes the ratio of oversteer and understeer during cornering. The M Sport differential optimizes the grip of the wheels with the road and the course stability at high-speed cornering, as well as on roads with different coatings.

BMW X4 M40i

That's how perfection looks

Special details for M Performance from the very first glance underline the exclusivity of the BMW X4 M40i. The enlarged air intakes, the grille and the covers of the exterior mirrors of the "Gray Cerium" color emphasize the sports ambitions of the car. 21 "light alloy wheels give it a powerful appearance, and exclusive exhaust pipes with black chrome-plating make an indelible impression.The" M "logos on the front fenders, as well as the designation of the model on the rear part, are also made in the color" Gray Cerium "and harmoniously complement the overall look of the car.

Relax and strive forward

Included in the basic package package M Sport gives the BMW X4 M40i a bright dynamics, which is also reflected in the interior of the car. Leather steering wheel M and special instruments for M Performance, decorative bars and a platform M for resting the left foot of the driver - the sporting style is manifested in everything, down to the smallest detail.

Innovative in all respects

Multifunctional three-spoke leather sports steering wheel M is equipped with an integrated driver airbag. The black walnut leather rim with black decorative seams and ergonomic thumb pads provide an unrivaled sense of sportiness and full control of the road.

BMW X4 M40i

Exceptional in functionality and design.

Sport seats for the driver and front passenger provide optimal lateral support by mechanically adjusting the backrest width, seat angle and longitudinal position, seat height and backrest angle. Thanks to the high fit, the enlarged side support rollers and seatbacks feature comfortable ergonomics and improved lateral support.

BMW X4 M40i

A sporting character with a bright charisma.

On the center console is the color logo "M" instead of the model designation. He emphasizes the sports atmosphere in the cabin and pays attention to the dynamic qualities of the car.

BMW X4 M40i



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