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Support BMW E, F series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 - 2010.

Payment via PayPal and credit cards. Enter the amount in the new window that opens /Donate to Master Continental Corporation/.

Indicate the reason for the money transfer. Or write additionally by e-mail.

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For Russia and other countries for whom PayPal and credit cards do not work, payment by bank transfer is possible. Please ask for details by e-mail.

For Software

No refund or exchanges. All sales final.

Price: US $6.99

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PayPal Donate Master Continental Corporation

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Shipping & Handling

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Price: US $6.99

Bitcoin payment

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Account number: P1024755762

Price: US $6.99

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We Accept

Perfect Money

Account number: U24507101

Price: US $6.99

Perfect Money accepted

Attention! For Buyers.

  • Programs in the item Non-Plug and Play.
  • You must have computer knowledge.
  • If you have never reinstalled Windows, drivers, do not set up a network printer, or router... think before you buy.
  • In programs for the diagnosis, BMW will need to configure the ports and IP addresses. You should know how.
  • Potential buyers, do not have computer knowledge, do not buy!
  • Think before you buy, can you install complicated software.
  • Inept actions you can kill electronic components in BMW.
  • Before you buy, ask us...
  • If you buy, you accept all the conditions described in the item.
  • Please, indicate a valid email address and check incoming emails from us every day for correction of order. Please check your e-mail - ALL FOLDERS (SPAM too) not only INBOX.

    Software is only available for download. No physical media (USB flash drive, DVD, HDD etc) is provided.

  • Remote installation via Ammyy Admin and TeamViewer for extra money.

Price for installation here:

Read more.


  • You can to make diagnostics, reset the errors and to adapt the of different units and devices of your BMW.
  • This package contains everything you need for diagnostic to your BMW or Mini Rolls-Royce, as a dealer would do in the workshop, but using your own laptop, saving you expensive dealer diagnostic fees.
  • This package will diagnose faults and tell you how to carry out the necessary repairs, including how to get components safely off and back on again, and the exact BMW part numbers to order for your own car. It tells you when to service the car and how to carry out the work. It also allows programming of your car.
  • Multi-language user interface.
  • Set of diagnostic software for the diagnosis and programming on BMW E, F series, MINI and Rolls-Royce.
  • Professionally created dealer diagnostic software - more than 14Gb of information.
  • Software are tested at BMW using a laptop (Windows 7 x64).
  • Software compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 - 32bit and 64bit.

Software is included:

  • Dealership BMW Diagnostic Information System - DIS V57. (Latest version)
  • BMW Software Service Station - SSS/Progman V32. (Latest version)
  • Dealership BMW Diagnostic System - INPA. (Latest version)
  • Ediabas 6.4.7
  • Ediabas 7.3.0 (Latest version)
  • Ediabas ToolSet 32 - work with the control units of BMW at the expert level. (Latest version)
  • WinKFP - update and programming of control units. (Latest version)
  • NFS (New Flash System) - update and programming of control units. (Latest version)
  • NCSExpert. (Latest version)
  • NCS Dummy. (Latest version)
  • Manuals how install.

Dealership BMW Diagnostic Information System - DIS V57 & BMW Software Service Station (SSS/Progman V32) concern BMW AG, produces a complete diagnostics of all electronic systems of BMW and MINI, contains complete its own database on the device, the composition of the equipment and electric diagrams of cars BMW and MINI model series from 1985 to 2010.
Reads and clears (erases) the errors, reads the engineering parameters, performs the test actuators identifies versions of blocks and their software codes and program control units.
Support BMW E series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 - 2010.

The system BMW DIS integrated information system BMW TIS.
BMW Technical Information System (TIS), the full BMW service and repair manuals used by BMW dealerships including full technical specifications and torque settings. This package is integrated into BMW DIS V57, allowing correct repair instructions to be found easily.

BMW Software Service Station (SSS/Progman V32), the platform used by BMW dealerships for programming, individualization and encoding of BMW vehicles.
Support BMW E series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 - 2010.

Dealership BMW Diagnostic System - INPA concern BMW AG, In addition to engineering functions INPA also has wide diagnostic capabilities. The scanner can connect to any ECU of the car, allowing you to read and delete errors, view real-time parameters and to test the actuators in order to verify the correct operation of this or that of a vehicle unit.
BMW INPA software has a modular architecture, which consists of a module for diagnosis (INPA), encoding module (NCSExpert), a programming module (WinKFP). There is also a compiler diagnostic scripts, which makes it possible to perform as already incorporated into the program diagnostic algorithms, and develop their own.
The scanner also has the ability to work with the dealer diagnostic software DIS, installed on VmWare.
Scanner INPA K + D-CAN is used for a full-featured professional diagnostics cars BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce, adaptation units and units, coding, programming. Adapter INPA K + DCAN connected to the car via K-line or CAN-bus data transfer that allows you to work with any electronic control unit of the vehicle.
Diagnostic adapter of the new generation BMW INPA K + CAN enables the work that previously could only be carried out owners of corporate dealer equipment. Full-function diagnostics BMW is now available to you. With a scanner BMW INPA K + D + CAN produce you can work on reading / deletion errors on the BMW's any issue, including the latest.
BMW INPA complete with NCSexpert, NFS, Ediabas ToolSet 32 and WinKFP.
Support BMW E, F series cars, MINI and Rolls-Royce from 1985 - 2010.

Supported Languages:

Languages for DIS:

  • English
  • Russian

Languages for SSS / Progman:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Japan
  • total 18 languages

Languages for INPA:

  • English
  • Russian


  • Reading fault codes
  • Erasing fault codes
  • Service light resetting
  • DME/DDE - synchronization
  • EWS/CAS - synchronization
  • Reading data streams (engineering parameters, LiveData)
  • Tests (activation) actuators
  • Coding (for all vehicles that do not use the optical data bus)
  • Programming (for all vehicles that do not use the optical data bus)
  • Airbag light reset
  • ABS wheel speed checking
  • Clearing Adaptations
  • Air Suspension Adjustment
  • Live data checks
  • Complete Diagnostics (including test plans)
  • Displays live data stream and graph display and vehicle version information
  • Update vehicle software and firmware
  • Programme new item and upgrade functions
  • Reset ECU adaptations
  • New battery registration after replacement
  • Code ECU functions (daytime running light, seat memory to key, beep after locking)
  • Create BMW approved test plans for repairs, upgrades and updates
  • Chip tuning
  • And much more including wiring diagrams and parts catalogues. Everything that doing in BMW dealership services.

BMW E series cars

  • BMW 1 Series: E81, E82, E87, E88
  • BMW 3 Series: E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, Including M3
  • BMW 5 Series: E28, E34, E39, E60, E61, Including M5
  • BMW 6 Series: E24, E63, E64, Including M6
  • BMW 7 Series: E23, E32, E38, E65, E66, E67, E68
  • BMW 8 Series: E31
  • BMW X1 Series: E84
  • BMW X3 Series: E83
  • BMW X5 Series: E53, E70, Including X5M
  • BMW X6 Series: E71, Including X6M
  • BMW Z Series: Z1 - E30; Z4 - E85, E86, E89; Z8 - E52, Including M
  • BMW MINI Series: R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57

BMW F series cars

  • BMW 5 Series: F07 Including M5
  • BMW 7 Series: F01, F02, F03

BMW Rolls-Royce

  • Rolls-Royce E-series: RR1, RR2, RR3, RR4
  • Rolls-Royce F-series: RR01, RR02, RR03, RR04, RR05

System requirements:

  • Operating system (any operating system is supported):

Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 8 or 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • Hardware requirements:

  • Processor (CPU): min 2.2 GHz Dual Core or 4.4 GHz Single Core CPU (Summary of Cores or Threads should be more than 4.4 GHz)
  • Memory (RAM): min 4GB (better 6GB or more)
  • Hard drive (HDD): min 70Gb free space on HDD before installation.

License agreement.

  • Programs are delivered on the basis of "AS IS" No guarantees not included and not provided.
  • You use these software at your own risk. The author of the program will not be responsible for any loss or corruption of data, failure of performance of other programs and systems, as well as for any loss of profit during use or misuse of this software. By default, the program works in an analytical mode and does not change the installed system (Windows). The decision to install the programs adopted by the user.
  • Installing and using the software indicates that you understand the terms of this license agreement and agree with them.
  • If for some reason you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove files distribution of these programs from your storage devices and cease to use the programs.
  • Software copy, sharing, reselling is prohibited and protected by copyrights.
  • Training work with the program - how to diagnose and encode the car not available! You should to have knowledge of automotive diagnostician or an education diagnostician!
  • If you buy, you accept all the conditions described in the item.

Package list:

  • Professionally created dealer diagnostic software - more than 14Gb of information. Through e-mail, you get a data (IP, login, and password) to FTP server to download programs.
  • Data for access to the FTP server will be available within 24 hours after purchase. We need time to configure your order.

  • Software is only available for download. No physical media (USB flash drive, DVD, HDD etc) is provided.
  • Please, indicate a valid email address and check incoming emails from us every day for correction of order. Please check your e-mail - ALL FOLDERS (SPAM too) not only INBOX.


  • The programs archived with 7-Zip.
  • The programs size available for downloads is 14Gb. It requires 70Gb of hard drive space to fully install.
  • Download time depends on your INTERNET speed.
  • Software are tested at BMW using a laptop (Windows 8.1 x64).
  • Compatible: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 - 32bit and 64bit.
  • Installation via Ammyy Admin and TeamViewer for extra money.

SAME DAY Fast Download version sent to your email address. Fast shipping. Shipping Time - 100% of the deliveries (sent to your email address) performed on the same day.
Delivery of physical goods / cables, HDD ... / usually takes 7-15 days.

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Shipping Details

A big request in the order when paying in the comments indicate - the phone number!
So that I can contact you, since 10% of clients do not read e-mail, / apparently do not have even minimal computer knowledge / do not know how to check the e-mail. And then they open a dispute on PayPal - I did not receive the order.

We AIM to get orders dispatched within 48 hours Monday-Friday, after we have confirmed payment, please do allow us up to 5 working days for busy times, the delivery services. We use are Europe Post, EMS, TNT, UPS Express Saver & DHL... We send out E-mails once we have received conformation from the warehouse. Delivery times can vary, depending on what you have selected.

We Ship to Worldwide

* We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii, Guam or Puerto Rico.
* We do not ship to APO or FPO addresses at this time.
* We do not ship to P.O. Boxes and company names.

All our items will be shipped to buyer's PayPal address please confirm your address on PayPal before you bid our item.
Delivery address must contain:
Recipient name - First Name and Surname
Street address
ZIP code
Country or region
P.O. Boxes and company names in the address are not allowed.
Receipt of parcels is carried out at the Post Office upon presentation of an identity document.

The worldwide shipping costs have been clearly listed. Shipping and handing fee covers mailing, packing, and warehouse and handing costs, not postage only.

Customs duty is obligation and liability of a citizen in your country, so buyer should be responsible for any tax and custom duty incurred. Generally, the delay or failure delivery is sometimes caused by the policy of different customs. For example, Laser Pointer is unacceptable in some countries. Therefore, please double check your local customs policy carefully before purchase. Or, we will NOT be responsible for any failure delivery related destination customs issue.
Items will arrive in 7-35 business days. The arrival time depends on some factors and different areas:

Shipping Time - 90% of the deliveries be performed for 7-15 days.


International Buyers! Please Note:

Due to security reason, we reserve the right not to send items to unconfirmed address or some countries.

For international orders, buyer is responsible for any applicable import duty, local taxes and VAT. Please verify with your customs before purchase.

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Return Policy

All the products we are selling include factory warranty, don't cover items that have been abused, burned and damaged in any form.

Please contact us via E-mail Message if you have NOT received item in 35 days, we will check it with post office, and then resend or refund any missing item.
In the unlikely event that your product is faulty in anyway, you must contact us ASAP and then return it within 7 Days of receipt.

Refund or replacement request is available only the requests within 1 week after parcel received & returning the item as the same condition as received.
If this item is in your possession more than 7 days, it is considered used and WE WILL NOT ISSUE YOU A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Return is possible only if the item is damaged or not complete.
After opening packaging of the product, the product will be considered used!
Product is considered used for personal, commercial or other purposes of the buyer... and WE WILL NOT ISSUE YOU A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please repack the item carefully. In the event that a suitable replacement is not available then a refund will be issued.
All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you MUST PROVIDE us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return and your Trade Message member ID.
We will refund YOUR FULL WINNING BID AMOUNT, upon receipt of the item in its original condition and packaging with all components and accessories included OR, you may choose to have a replacement. Return shipping is to be paid by the Buyer.

The postage and packaging fee will NOT be refunded.
We will not be responsible for the delivery or insurance charges incurred in returning item back to us.
If you return an item purchased from us, it must be back in Factory Condition. This includes packaging, inserts, manuals etc.
Please allow up to 5 Working Days for us to process your returned item.

We will not accept returns if the item is not it the original packaging or used.

NO RETURNS are Accepted for this Listing Unless Item Arrives Damaged.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO REFUNDS - NO EXCHANGES - NO RETURNS. Please E-mail us with any questions before buying.

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We accept only credit cards, PayPal, PAYEER, Perfect Money and Bitcoin payment. Shipping and handing fee NOT include duties, local taxes and any other import fees.
Please leave note in PayPal when making the payment if you have any special request (colors/size).
Orders will be processed instantly and dispatched within 48 hours normally, so we do NOT accept any E-mail/Message note before or after you place orders.

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Contact Us

We are handling large volume E-mails every day.
Please allow us to reply your E-mail within 24hrs on work days.
Please use E-mail messaging system.
You can to send e-mail to us: contact us

Contact to us by Jabber (Online Chat).
You can to use few messengers / clients/: Miranda, Jitsi, Gajim, CoyIM, Psi, Pidgin, Pigeon!, IM+...etc...


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About Us

Welcome to our store! We are, a professional worldwide wholesale company, with our own factory located in Europe. We supply many products including video game, Home & Garden, health & beauty, phone accessories, computers accessories, camera & camcorder, car accessories, flash disk & card, MP3,MP4 & MP5, Clothing accessories, games, toys & hobbies, jewelry, antique & craftwork, Battery, electronic parts and accessories for an assortment of mobility products including Laptop, Computers, Apple, Veheicle, Modules, Sport Gym, SmartPhone. High product quality, reasonable prices, excellent customer service and a reliable credit standing is our tenet.
We are legal company and honest seller, will protect every customer's profit. Any thought, please feel free to contact us. We will give you the best advise.
We welcome to answer any questions you have. Please send us a message through E-mail and we will answer you within 24 hours.
Our working time:

8:00 AM - 18:00 PM (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT), Monday - Friday.
(weekend and holidays excluded).


The prevention: All rights reserved also are protected by the law. The copying, the automated extraction, and also other use of the information of a site without the permission of authors is forbidden. The order and conditions of use of data are a subject to the obligatory coordination with a support service.

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