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Holders and founders of the given site do not bear any responsibility for resource exploitation accessible on this site. All information is given exclusively in the information purposes.

All information and the programs possessed on this site are intended only for satisfaction of curiosity of dear visitors, authors do not bear responsibility for possible consequences of their use with the purposes of, the different countries forbidden by Criminal codes. You undertake not to apply the programs received here and the information with the purposes of, forbidden Criminal Code.

If you wish to use the software in business, please, purchase it from your local retail seller or the author of the software. If you use this page for something except educational or the entertainment purposes, I do not bear responsibility for your actions. If something at misuse can lead to defiance of the law, you it use on your own risk!!! If you wish to try any application, you should delete it within 24 hours after reception, even if you cannot force to work it. OCCUPANCY ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!

1. The operational life www.pro-master.org is not mass media (mass-media). All information presented, on an operational life, is the private opinion of authors.

2. Any information presented on an operational life, cannot serve for an estimation of activity, the intentions, what financial prospects or the organizations of any pattern of ownership.

3. Trademarks, service marks and other registered subjects of copyrights are the property of their dear owners. Any mention of them is noncommercial and does not pursue advertising or other mercenary motives.

4. Citations, and the statements attributed to any persons, are author's interpreting and cannot form the base for forecasts and interpretation.

5. Programs, video and audio files, the order bookings and photographic materials are published by a principle as it is ("as is"). Authors do not guarantee service capability of programs and do not bear responsibility for their use, and also any damage, the loss of profit and the mental cruelty coupled to it. And to the contents of materials, the request to address all claims for quality to their manufacturers.

6. Texts, photos and any information from the given operational life can be quoted, placed on other operational lives of a network of the Internet, are copied and reprinted with the permission of the author and at source instructions.

7. Programs, melodies and the descriptions which are on the given operational life, are received from open sources in a network the Internet and extend free and beyond all bounds. Authors of an operational life do not know about any limiting on propagation of these materials. In case of detection of such limiting, the request to signal the author of an operational life about necessity of an interdiction of open access to the given information.


If you agree with the indicated conditions, you can start viewing of materials.


If you do not agree with the given requests, you should leave this site immediately.


Continuing to enter on this site, you are obvious, and it is meant to agree on all conditions as stated above.



The prevention: All rights reserved also are protected by the law. The copying, the automated extraction, and also other use of the information of a site without the permission of authors is forbidden. The order and conditions of use of data are a subject to the obligatory coordination with a support service.

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