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  Business a portal www.pro-master.org is created for fans of the brand BMW, as well as for those who simply drives this brand of car, repairs, upgrades and tuning. That is our portal for everyone: both for ordinary users and for service stations. We own a BMW service station, repair and replace various units and mechanisms. But the main direction of our activity is BMW electronics: diagnostics, coding, reprogramming and restoration of various electronic units. Therefore, our opinion and experience will be of interest to newcomers who came to our site.

The portal is the best source of information about BMW on the Internet.

Job on portal advancement on the Internet is constantly guideed and we become easily found through search a server (DuckDuckGo, Google, Yandex, Rambler, Aport...).

Diagnosis and programming BMW - an eternal theme in the world of auto business, between drivers and employees of service stations.

We pay considerable attention to the study of the opinion of BMW owners in various areas. One of the directions of our activity is the creation of expert systems for diagnosis and programming on-line, as well as sales of ready-made solutions (programs + interfaces) based on the results we conduct in online surveys of users' opinions.


Our purposes:

We offer ready-made solutions that allow people to solve the problems of their car. And to succeed with minimal investment.

We create new technologies that can simplify your way to understanding the work of the car.

We constantly explore the international experience, resources and capabilities of the Internet, for the subsequent analysis, development and implementation, new business technologies, services, products.

Our team consists of programmers, auto electronics, mechanics, designers, marketers, and simply talented people. Together we are building the road to the world of auto business, to the world of BMW.

All our developments and services are able to raise the auto business to a new level, and are designed to serve one goal - success!

In the rapidly growing world of automotive business and commerce, the use of advanced technologies leads you to the very top, promotes forward, makes the first. And, if you are first, then you are the winner!

We have already made our choice, and started our way to conquer the international auto market, which is BMW!

Now, the choice is yours - any programs and interfaces for managing BMW.

Yours faithfully, collective "Master Continental Corporation"!



The prevention: All rights reserved also are protected by the law. The copying, the automated extraction, and also other use of the information of a site without the permission of authors is forbidden. The order and conditions of use of data are a subject to the obligatory coordination with a support service.

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